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Interior Painting

  Hi. Iím Steve Childers owner of

  AAA-Painters.com. With over 20 years of experience painting homes just like yours.

  Here is an example of how we paint the interior of a home.

  The interior of your home is your private living space. Itís where your family come together to actually be a family. Itís where youíll entertain friends and loved ones.

 We make every effort to perform a perfect paint job while keeping your house clean and respecting your privacy.

  The first thing that we do is carefully cover everything in the area to be painted with our unique double covering system. We place a brand new clear plastic covering over all of your furniture, floors and anything ells that needs to be protected. Then we go one step further by placing additional clean drop cloths over the plastic on the walking areas.

  Preparing the surface to be painted is the next critical step.  All walls will be inspected for any type of flaws and repaired with spackle, caulking, or taping mud as required. If there is grease in the kitchen area then it will be completely cleaned with Tn Sodium Phosphate (TSP). Doors, casings and trim will be sanded, cleaned with TSP and checked over for flaws that need to be repaired with putty, spackle or caulking.

  Once the area to be painted is properly prepared then we use the highest quality primers and paints. You have many choices on the type of paint to be used. Walls can be flat, low sheen or semi-gloss. Doors and trim are usually semi-gloss or high gloss finishes.

  We prefer to apply the top quality paints from Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams or Dunn Edwards.

  First we cut in all of the edges and corners using the highest quality Purdy Brushes. Purdy Brushes are known for applying smooth brush strokes with perfectly straight lines.

  Next we use only 100% Lambs Wool roller covers to apply a very generous full coat of wall paint.  Once the walls are finished we use the Purdy Brushes to apply a smooth coat of enamel to all of your doors and woodwork. We emphasize on straight lines where the trim meets the wall or other surfaces.

  The job is not over until it is perfect! When finished we walk through the house several times searching for anything that we could do to make it look better. When we are finally satisfied then we walk you the homeowner around to make sure that you are completely satisfied. 





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