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Hi, I'm Steve Childers owner of AAA-Painters.com.  With over 20 years of experience painting homes just like yours.  This is an example of a house that we recently painted for Joe in Manteca, California.


This is what Joe said: "I was so impressed when watching my next-door neighbor’s house being painted by Steve and his crew that I hired them to paint my house too."


The first thing that we do is make sure that your house is prepared correctly to receive paint.  Joe's house was completely power washed with up to 3000 lbs. of water pressure. This removed all of the dirt and lose paint, providing a very clean surface.



The next thing is to caulk all of the open cracks that may look bad or unpleasing to the eye.  Here you will see a picture of us using the Precision Caulking Tip (Invented and patented by Steve Childers) This unique tip helps us apply a perfect uniform caulking bead into all of the needed cracks of trim, siding and stucco.  We patch all unwanted holes and imperfections with the appropriate materials.  Sanding, scraping and priming as needed.



Most importantly we cover all of your windows with the 3M Masking Film.  It allows the light to shine into your house yet protects the window from any chance of over-spray.  We cover all of your plants, sidewalks, driveway and fences.  It is so important to us that your house is perfectly painted without any drips or spills on unwanted surfaces.



Once the house is completely prepared to our satisfaction we begin to apply a thick coat of paint.  Only the best paints are used.  We prefer to apply the top quality paints from Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams.


We use the Titan spray equipment to apply a very generous coat of paint to the main body of your house.  This allows us to put on the maximum thickness possible.



Once the entire house is carefully sprayed we use our hand tools such as brushes and rollers to paint all of your trim and any areas that could not be sprayed.  As a professional we do not dry roll,  we keep as much paint as possible on the roller or brush at all times. 

This provides a smooth full coverage on all of your surfaces.



The job is not over until it is perfect!  When finished we walk around the house several times searching for anything that we could do to make it look better.  When we are finally satisfied then we walk you the homeowner around to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Joe was a very satisfied customer as he made this statement:

"Now I am even more impressed than ever and would definitely recommend AAA-Painters.com to anyone. 



                    Joe Compartore   8-27-2002

                    Manteca, CA.


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