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How We Paint The Exterior Of A Home


I want to thank you and Sam for the excellent job you did on our Don Pedro home. 

You took our 35 year old sun beaten, worn down home and made it look like new again. We really appreciated your professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to do anything it took to make us happy while you performed this job. 

I will strongly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for interior or exterior painting and will use you on any future projects I have. My experience with you and your company far exceeded my expectations!

Thanks, Perry



"This Is How We Paint The Exterior Of A Home"

Watch as we go step by step through professionally painting the exterior of a home that really needs a lot of attention

Step #1   Power Wash

Power washing the whole house is very important, because it removes all of the old dirt, dust and any loose areas of paint.  In this video below we are actually power washing a different house than the one shown above, but I wanted to make sure you see how we do it.

Step #2   Scrape and Sand

We use vibrater sanders, hand sanding and scraping to remove any loose or flakey old paint.  It's a lot of work, but we need to make sure that the surface is solid, smooth, tight and ready to receive a thick coat of primer.

Step #3    Fix and repair badly cracked wood

We re-nail down loose boards, fill and sand the joints, caulk the cracks, and then prime and paint.

Step #4    Mask the windows

We use 3M masking film to mask all of the window.


Step #5  Apply a special primer for the really bad areas....            
     "Kel-Bond Ultra"         High Build Bonding Primer/Sealer

We us the 1" Purdy Colossus Roller pad to do all of our back rolling
Purdy Colossus 1" Roller Pad

We spray a very thick coat of the Kel-Bond Ultra Primer on all of the really bad areas and then we follow behind it with a thick roller pad to really push the primer into the old wood.

Step #6   Caulk   Sherwin Williams 1100 60 Year Caulking



We use Sherwin Williams Power House Siliconized/Acrylic 60 Year Caulking to caulk all of the cracks and edges of the trim.  

On this house they asked us to caulk all of the vertical bat board around the whole house.  

We apply a very full bead of caulking and then wipe it with our finger to smooth it out and push it deeper into the crack.  We always keep a wet rag in the other hand to keep our hand and the end of the caulking tube clean and lubricated.

Step #7   Sherwin Williams Pro Block Bonding Primer

We use Sherwin Williams ProBlock Bonding Primer.   First we spray a thick coat on the surface then we go over it with our back roller to push the paint into the cracks of the wood.  One of the reasons that we used this on this house was to block out the tannins from the old redwood siding.  If you don't prime redwood properly a tannin stain will eventually bleed through the finish coat.  We don't want that to happen.

Step #8   Kelly Moore 1245 100% Acrylic Low Sheen
Spray and back roll the siding and overhang  

Our 3rd and final coat is Kelly Moore's Acry-Shield 1245 Low Sheen.  It is the best exterior paint to use on the outside of a building.  We spray it on and again we back roll it in to get as much paint into the grain of the wood as possible.  The end result a beautiful low luster durable and washable finish.

Step #9   After we finish applying the paint to the main body of the house we use rollers and brushes to hand trim all of the trim around windows, fascia, gutters and corner boards.  I didn't get any pictures of us doing that......sorry...

Now Look At Our Before and After Pictures


Its hard to believe that the terrible looking trim board you see above looks just like brand new now.  As you can see in the picture on the right.  This is actually the same board after we sanded, patched, primed and painted it.



After hours of hand sanding and prepping look how great the finish product looks on the right.




The finished house looks great.....!


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